Electronic medical documentation of clinical trials and site management platform in one place.


Optimize projects, accelerate milestones and focus on real remote monitoring with eSource Data.


Increase patient safety by reacting to real-time events and focus on high-quality data.

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hyggio is comprehensive software for conducting clinical trials at the Center, CRO and Sponsor levels. Discover our flagship strengths.

Manage trials

Keep an eye on visits schedule and on time windows, track research progress and contracting to-dos.
Gain control of your trails

eSource Data

Run Electronic Source Documentation in your center and experience real comfort in research thanks to numerous improvements and automation.

Strengthen recruitment

Run an intelligent patient search engine, use well thought-out internet campaigns and control all processes thanks to prescreening lists and reports.

Control finances

Analyze the income and cost structure and start to efficiently settle your team for the work done. Automate patient billing for travel or other expenses incurred during tests.

Remote monitoring

Run high-quality remote monitoring of source documentation. Share secure data transfer to a specific monitor and save valuable time.

(re)Organization of startups

Start monitoring each stage of the study, and thanks to checklists and task scheduling you will be able to control all processes in the center on an ongoing basis.


Take advantage of the possibility of newsletters, appointment reminders and other automation focusing on the highest quality in research. Ensure high patient retention.

Notification system

Enable smart notifications for patients and research team. Ensure the highest quality of data generated in the research process and focus on the safety of your patients.

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Your questions with answers

Yes, hyggio meets all the requirements for conducting clinical trials in it.
Yes, hyggio gives a full range of possibilities related to any adjustment of procedures to the protocol visit and setting who has the authorization to fill in the data in the form.
Access granted to CRA is individual, personal access granted only to the content related to the clinical trial and defined in time. The CRA can display medical records only in read mode (content cannot be downloaded).
Yes, hyggio includes tracking changes - in a very intuitive and quick way you can check whether a given content was modified, checking who and when performed the operation, and what was the previous content
hyggio can be run from both a computer, tablet and mobile phone.
Yes, in hyggio you can freely specify how the patient's next visits are to be calculated, and what are the "windows" of visits. Hyggio will indicate in what time interval the next visit should take place, and will trigger a warning if an attempt is made to arrange a visit outside the permitted range.
Yes, each member of the clinical trial team has their own individual access, and all actions performed in the electronic medical records in Hyggio are tracked by means of an audit-trial.
Yes, the system has a built-in quer system, with which you can mark up content that has questions, and then send an inquiry to any member of the research team.
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