Flexibility and reliability

Boost your trials efficiency

Run #1 eSource solution and ensure the highest quality of clinical data.

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Flexibility and reliability
esource in your site

Gain brand new quality

Make the right call and run #digitaltrials

Clinical data continuous control

Open your site to innovative, remote possibilities and run all your trials from one place.

Data standarization

Emphasize the highest care of quality with reusable forms, saving your daily work time.

Startup acceleration

Be ready to enroll before the others thanks to advanced, user-friendly trial configurator.

Build up your templates

Flexible reusable forms

Create your own visit templates with adjustable forms which you can reuse with next studies. Hyggio aserteins you with accurate access with blinded/unblinded teams.
Assure the highest data quality

Audit trial

Control easily your electronic source documents. Hyggio will support you with minimizing protocol deviations.
According to the recent studies, site which run eSource has more chances to get new trials.
Improve your internal communication

Built-in queries system

Use our queries to inform other study members about possible mistakes and start real-time quality control.
Run remote data verification

Remote monitoring

Implement comprehensive, remote monitoring solution saving your space and time comparing to the standard, on-site visits. Stand our from the other sites running innovative tools optimizing daily work.
Look wider, work smarter

Complementary EHR

Keep all your electronic records and access them whenever you need them.
If necessary - integrate your own EHR and automate daily work of your site.
Why hyggio?

We can help you accelerate

Save time, improve quality and evolve your site.

Enhanced quality control

Run remote oversight and automate quality care in your site with dedicated tools. Supervise your trials even if you work abroad.

Time savings

Save up to 15% time on each visit thanks to reusable forms and relieve your study team with automatic monitor visit preparation algorithms.

More succesfull feasibilities

According to the lastest studies, the site has more chances to get a new trial if they run eSource.


Answers for all of your clinical trial needs collected in one 365 platform. Whenever and wherever you want.

Live support

We believe customer experience is essential, which is why customer service for us is always #1.

Security & Reliability

Your security is our priority.
Focus on your trials, we handle the rest meeting the guidlines of FDA, EMA, GPDF and others.

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How others have done it

Check out how we managed to implement our solutions in our clients.

"Wdrożenie Hyggio pozwoliło nam przyspieszyć ekspansję zagraniczną przy jednoczesnym zachowaniu pełnej kontroli operacyjnej nad dotychczasowymi ośrodkami. Bez Hyggio nie bylibyśmy w stanie podejmować tak świadomych decyzji biznesowych."

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"Hyggio okazało się bardzo łatwym w obsłudze narzędziem. Dzięki niemu w prosty sposób kontrolujemy wszystkie terminy wizyt, a w 1 miejscu mamy zebrane informacje dotyczące wyposażenia ośrodka i certyfikatów badaczy co bardzo usprawnia nam pracę."

Paulina Podlawska
CT Supervisor Clinnovate

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