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All core features included

Run hyggio and feel the difference with new possibilities for your trials.
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Remote site control

Gain full remote supervision of your trials.

Access management

Run single point of all users overall management.

System validations

Stay compliant with FDA, EMA, GDPR, HPAA.

Continuous backups

Stay secure 24/7 with our advanced system backups.

Simple plans

To simplify your move



Invitation only


30 EUR

per study per month


50 EUR

per study month
Our approach

Results oriented

We know your everyday struggle with excessive information to handle in daily work in clinical sites.

We build innovative clinical trials, driven by technology with highest care of data quality, fully remote control and more time for our patients.

Additional features

Adjust hyggio to your needs

SMS communications

Send SMS to your patients or study team with 1-click, directly from hyggio

Mail communications

Send mail notifications to your patients or study team members with build-in templates


Call your patients directly from hyggio only with one-click


Answer your patient's calls with integrated VoIP solutions, directly from hyggio.

Online cheduling

Allow your patients to book their visits when they need them, according to the study protocol or for unscheduled visits.


Run telemedical solutions with 3 comprehensive channels: phone, chat and video.

Integrate local labs

Integrate your local laboratories and receive results 24/7 directly to your system and run live notifications.

VPN connection

Double-secure your connection by running VPN tunnel between hyggio and your infrastructure.

Local EHR (Poland)

Uruchom EDM zgody z obowiązującym prawem i włącz raportowanie zdarzeń medycznych i repozytorium EDM

Local NFZ (Poland)

Integrate hyggio with NHS in Poland, report visits and control settlements.

eWUŚ (Poland)

Check your patient's status in eWus system live and

Integrate your EHR

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We have decided to implement Hyggio in our SMO to speed up our international expansion and gain better, remote control of ongoing trials. After just a few months, we've also improved our data quality and invoiced 25% more of previously missing procedures.

Tomasz Dąbrowski
CEO Pratia

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